Playgrounz Performance is a high intensity training for all fitness levels. Cardio, strength, balance, and agility are all included in this fun 50 minute workout. This class has proven to take fitness to the next level by training just three times a week! Coaches are available during select times, but you can train anytime using our unique TV guided system.


We have combined MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Yoga to create our most intense fitness offering yet!  Be prepared to work hard, have fun, and learn the skills of self-defense all at the same time.  Train with a coach or anytime Playgrounz is open!!


Youth sessions are neural-fascially designed to increase strength, power, flexibility, agility, and movement, while minimizing the potential for injury, and the best part is they have fun while they’re doing it!! Check our schedule for your age group.


As seen on TV!!! Now experience the warped wall, salmon ladder, and many more of the now famous Ninja Warrior obstacles.  Monkey bars, ropes, rings, balance, strength, all integrate into our fun and challenging Playgrounz Ninja class. Ninja Warrior is available for ages 5+.  Check the schedule for the class time offered for your age group.


Indicators suggest that intense functional cross training causes unnecessary stress on the joints. Our goal with P2 is to promote correct movement patterns while protecting your joints in a high intensity training program.


Playgrounz Backyard is a 2.5 acre obstacle course, full of pulling, climbing, hanging, carrying, in an ever changing environment.  Come and challenge yourself, your friends, or your family to a competition for your play to fit workout.  Up to 4 participants can race at a time.

We Regret to inform you that Playgrounz has closed.

We apologize for any inconvenience.