Our goal at Playgrounz, is to create a supportive environment, that inspires people of all ages and abilities, to want to move in a way that increases their fitness, health, and quality of life.


At Playgrounz, we combine unique modalities with creative movements and change our program weekly, so you never get bored, and look forward to coming back for your next workout.  It’s common for us to hear how fun and challenging our workouts are.

We have created a unique and supportive community where our clients don’t compete with each other, they support each other. Lifelong friendships have been made at our gym, and we are honored to have been able to be a part of building such a great community.


At Playgrounz our workouts are designed to build the body, not break it down.  That’s why all of our workouts are designed with 4 key factors in mind; Functionality, Variability, Periodization, and Active Recovery.

Functionality refers to the movement transferring back into your life.  For example: Wall balls are very similar to throwing your grandbaby up in the air and catching him.  High to low rotations are very similar to grabbing the heavy box of christmas decorations from the top shelf and passing them down to your wife.

Variability refers to the fact that every minute you are at Playgrounz, you are doing something different.  This prevents repetitive movement that can lead to injuries caused by overuse.  For example, if you only ride the bike for exercise, you might notice pain in the lower back from always forward flexing your spine.  If you only run, you might suffer from a shortened IT band caused by the repetitive movement of extending and flexing your hip in one plane of motion. Playgrounz’ workouts are different each week, adding to the fun, and decreasing the potential for injury in life.

Periodization refers to a systematic variation to the intensity of your training.  Essentially a period of time where the workload increases (plyometrics, squat jumps) only to return to a more foundational nature (Plank, squats).  Periodization helps prevent the body from breaking down, and allows for active recovery.

Active Recovery is a way to continue to challenge and improve your fitness while allowing your body to heal, regenerate and recover. At Playgrounz active recovery is integrated into our programming daily, weekly and monthly for maximal fitness success and minimal opportunity for injury.

We Regret to inform you that Playgrounz has closed.

We apologize for any inconvenience.